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5 New Room Colour Combinations to Watch Out for in 2022

25 Latest Bedroom Painting Designs With Pictures In 2022 | Bedroom color  combination, Wall color combination, Room color combination

It’s time to think beyond the neutrals and pastels in 2022. This year has been all about experimenting and going all out when it comes to your interior home design. While we love monochromatic walls, there is something about using two hues together in a space that gets us all excited and hyped up. 

Looking for unique and statement colour combinations to use for your new home in 2022? Look no further. We have brought to you 5 fun and unexplored wall colour combinations that you can use for your home this year. 

  1. Burgundy & Beige 

There is something about this colour combination that screams elegance and royalty. This colour combination brings along with it a sense of mystery and enigma. If you are looking for a wall colour design that will instantly make your space look luxurious, then this jewel tone and neutral combination is perfect for you. You can use this colour combination for your bedroom and dining room. 

  1. Indigo & White 

This classic nautical-themed wall colour combination might not be new but it never loses its charm. While blue and white is a common colour combination, using a different shade of blue and going for indigo changes the game. Indigo is a colour that instantly makes a room emit a calm and serene vibe and the white complements it perfectly.
This colour combination is perfect for people who have tropical-themed, industrial or contemporary-style houses. The best part about this colour combination is that it can be used for almost any room from the living room, dining room, bedroom to kitchen. 

  1. Marigold & White 

Looking for a fresh colour combination that screams sunshine and rainbows? No colour combination does the job better than the joyful marigold colour and the timeless white colour. This colour combination is perfect for French-themed cottages, wooden cabins, bohemian and vintage-themed houses. You can use this colour combination for your living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen.
People searching for wall colour designs which are soft and mellow must check out this colour combination You can switch the marigold for a butter yellow or a pale yellow if you want a more subdued colour combination. A pro tip is to use furniture in white or warm neutrals so that they contrast the loud walls and don’t clash with them.

  1. Tangerine & Olive 

Feeling extra? If you are feeling eclectic and fancy, then you must consider using tangerine and olive together in your space. While the olive acts as a neutral backdrop, tangerine gives an interesting contrast to it and makes the space feel warm and cosy. Depending on how much of a statement you want the space to look, you can decide on the proportion of tangerine you want to use in your space. This wall colour combination is perfect for cabin style, vintage, traditional and bohemian-styled houses. 

  1. Yellow & Turquoise 

A fun and quirky colour combination that is hitting the mainstream is yellow and turquoise. While yellow screams cheerfulness, turquoise gives you a feeling of peace and Zen. This colour combination is perfect for bohemian and tropical-themed houses. You can consider using pops of red, mustard, white, grey and brown when it comes to furniture and other décor elements in a room which is painted in yellow and turquoise. 
So, which of these colour combinations surprised you the most? Still looking for colour inspirations for your new home? Head over to the Asian Paints website to get the best interior home design ideas that you can try this year.
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