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Modern Dining Room Storage Ideas

11 Useful Dining Room Storage Ideas (Photos and Concepts) - Home  Stratosphere

Most people believe that buying only the dining furniture is sufficient for the room. However, it will make the space appear incomplete. There are a lot of other aspects of your dining room that require your attention. For instance, storage is a very crucial part of the dining room. Creating sufficient storage in the dining room is necessary to ensure that you can enjoy your meals in an organised and clutter-free space. If you are not sure about how to create storage in your dining room, here are a few great ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Install floating shelves

When you are confused about your dining room furniture for storage, you can consider opting for floating shelves. They are one of the most common choices for creating storage space. This is because the installation process of floating shelves is very convenient and they offer easy access. These are perfect for people looking for minimalist and simple solutions. You can give the dining room interiors a polished and elegant look as well. Also, people with small dining rooms can benefit from floating shelves because they do not occupy any floor space and thus, make your dining room appear larger. You can use them to store anything from books, vases, cutlery, and artwork to decor items for an appealing look. 

02 of 05 Make use of the space under the staircase

The space under the staircase is left completely untouched in many homes. As a result, it appears awkward and diminishes the appeal of the overall space. If the staircase is located next to your dining room, you can make use of the awkward empty space for storage. There are various storage ideas you can come up with for this space. If you do not want to make a lot of expenses, you can add anything like shelves or cabinets. On the other hand, a bookshelf can be considered if you have the budget. Place a chair and floor lamp nearby so that you can sit comfortably next to your bookshelf and read. For an appealing look, you can opt for a customised cupboard design as well. 

03 of 05 Separate the space using shelves

Many modern home designs feature open home designs. In open homes, the dining room stays connected to other rooms in the house like the living room or the kitchen. Creating storage in open layouts can be a little tricky as it can disturb the seamless look of the space. In such cases, using shelves as a room divider is a great idea. Opt for see-through shelves that act as a partition and divide two rooms. Since they do not block your view, the seamless look is maintained even after the shelves are installed. Since the shelves will be in the middle of the room and all the items on them will stay highlighted, consider choosing well-designed dining essentials only as decor. For instance, your beautiful china plate or glassware collection can be displayed. 

04 of 05 Get a freestanding open shelf

Besides opting for a beautiful cupboard design, you can choose open shelves for storage. They can prove to be a very valuable addition to your dining room design for creating storage space. You just java to ensure that you choose the right size for your dining room. People often make the mistake of choosing the wrong size. As a result, the freestanding shelf appears too big or too small for the space and diminishes the overall appeal. Choose the right cupboard design so that you can keep anything you want from glassware, crockery and cutlery, and other dining room essentials to many artworks and decor pieces. Indoor plants are very commonly used for this purpose these days. Also, you can easily access items from this dining room furniture

 05 of 05 Maximise storage by choosing floor-to-ceiling storage 

When there are many items in your dining room and you require a lot of storage space, opting for floor-to-ceiling storage is one of the best ideas. As the name suggests, the storage space is extended all the way from the ceiling to the floor. This helps to ensure that you can store a lot of items and your dining area stays completely clutter-free. Although glass doors are commonly used for these storage units, using wire-patterned beautiful doors is not a bad idea. They will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space and not provide a clear view of the inside. Hence, the dining room design will not get affected if the interiors of your storage stay cluttered. Also, this storage unit is great for adding more visual interest to one of the walls. Leaving all the walls empty can make the space appear boring. You can use many different colours and textures on your storage unit for giving the space a vibrant look. However, make sure that the colours and design complement the overall look of the dining room.  Given the amount of storage area available, you can store a lot of things other than your dining room essentials.