Technology and Elderly – Embracing Technology to Improve Your Life

Technology is normally associated with the young and the trendy. Cell phone and computer companies market the gaming and music abilities of their phones and computers. The phones come in fashionable colors with hip ringtones and flashy features.

Older people are seldom interested in all this, but the basics of technology, without all the extras, can come in very handy for older people. The elderly of today didn’t grow up in a time where technology was as essential as it is today. They are scared to experiment and use technological devices such as computers and cell phones. That said, there are many elderly people who are quite competent in using their cell phones and computers but they are in the minority.

Technology can add to the comfort of the elderly and it can allow them to stay independent for much longer. The explosion in the technological device market has been phenomenal. If you can think of something to make your life easier and more comfortable, you are almost certain to find it.

While many of these devices might be unaffordable to a lot of elderly people, a basic computer and cell phone is within reach of many elderly people’s budget.

A cell phone is a wonderful device that allows older people to stay in contact. There are cell phones on the market with bigger buttons and screens that make it easier to use. Sending text messages is a daily occurrence in almost everybody’s life. Staying in contact with loved ones and family or friends is very important in older people’s lives. Receiving a message from a loved one can brighten up a lonely person’s day.

The advantages of computer technology to the elderly are more important than what most people realize. What is there that you can’t do over the internet? Elderly people can be in control of their own finances by using the internet banking services. For someone who finds it difficult to walk or stand in queues, internet banking is a wonderful tool. The elderly person won’t have to rely on others to get to the bank and they won’t have to go through all the distress of actually visiting the bank. It won’t only have an impact on the elderly person’s life, but also on those responsible for driving them around and assisting them in these tasks. Many online shops provide an online grocery ordering and delivery facility as well.

Walt Mossberg – Wall Street Journal Technology Writer

Walt Mossberg is a native of Warwick Rhode Island; he was born on March 27, 1947 and is easily one of the most influential technology reviewers in the world. He received his education at Brandeis College and earned a degree from the Columbia University of Journalism.

At the very young age of 23, he began writing for the Wall Street Journal, where he has remained. He spent the first 18 years of his long career covering national and international affairs. Around 1988 he turned his considerable talents toward the technology field and has influenced many pieces of technology that you probably use today, including the laptops, mobile phones and mp3 players.

In addition to his impressive journalism career Mossberg is also the co-creator of the prestigious annual conference “All Things Digital”, where he has shared the stage with noted technology greats such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Over the years, Walt has received many awards and even an honorary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Rhode Island. His awards include:

* 2001 – Honorary Doctorate
* 2001 National Headliner Award
* World Technology Award for Journalism and Media
* 2002 Business News Luminaries

Mossberg has written his Personal Technology every week since 1991; in addition, he edits The Mossberg Solution and writes Mossberg’s Mailbox where he answers reader’s technology questions.

You may be wondering how one person could have so much influence over the technology of the world. The answer may have a lot to do with the man’s integrity. People are tired of paid reviewers that only provide them the information that the manufacturer wants them to have; consumers have been burned repeatedly from buying into these types of product reviews.

Home Improvement – Preparing A House For Sale

Home improvement projects are not only great ways for the family to enjoy everyday in the most comfortable, functional, efficient and even luxurious way. These can also increase the saleability as well as profits that you get out of selling your home. If you are one among those homeowners who plan to let go of your New York property, then make the best out of this investment. So whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island; take advantage of home improvements that pay back.

Though home improvements generally make your house more functional and appealing, not all will result to a return nor a power to attract that is universal. As you you will be spending a good amount of time, effort and money; it is crucial that you give enough thought on which projects best to undertake. The keywords would be clean and neutral to enhance the buyer’s thought of having the place as his or her own. To help you out prepare for a sale to engage multiple possible buyers, attract higher offers and sell in the shortest time possible.

Maximize Curb Appeal

When selling a house, first impressions do last. A dirty and unattractive yard has never been a good welcome especially to prospective buyers. If this is the first scene to greet them, chances of you enticing them to look further inside as well as closing the sale is definitely slim. Even if you have poured everything in beautifying the inside of your home, but has left the outside unattended, the negative impression will have a lingering effect on the person looking at the property and will eventually affect his/her decision. Other than tidying things up, here are other beneficial tasks to undertake:

replace damaged or missing shingles
clean and align gutters and downspouts properly
recaulk windows and doors
clean chimney
reseal driveway
consider planting annual blooms in pots, place especially near the entrance
Freshen Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Being the most used areas of the house, the kitchen and bathroom are considered the key selling points to any residential property. But when undertaking kitchen and bathroom remodeling, keep in mind that spending too much is a big no-no. It would be unwise to be replacing major fixtures and features such as appliances and other such items and doing so will not pay off. The essentials to focus on include

Watching Home Improvement TV Shows Before You Try it Yourself

Painting a wall or even tiling a bathroom floor may seem easy, but it is actually a lot more difficult than it looks. This is where home improvement TV shows can help out. They can teach you how to do it the right way, but more importantly they can show you the ways that other people made mistakes so that you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself.

Certain shows like Holmes Homes on HGTV can be incredibly beneficial for larger projects. Others like Divine Design can show you how to do small projects such as decorating and painting. If you are looking to do a specific project, the DIY network has some great shows that specialize in certain areas. The best part is that many cable companies are now offering these channels on demand so you can pick the show you want to watch based on the home improvement project you are looking to do.

As you are watching these shoes make sure to take notes. Take notes on the brands they use, the tools they use, and listen careful to what they tell you. Many times if you miss even a small portion of the TV show it can have devastating effects on your home improvement project.

TiVo or a DVR is your best friend when you are watching these shows. Being able to pause and rewind is essential to make sure that you pick up all the information you need. Also, channels like HGTV and DIY Network have websites that you can go to for more information about the projects they performed in the show. Make sure to use this research.

Although watch TV has often been just a form of entertainment, if you watch TV and learn how to complete a project it might just save you the cost of hiring a contractor.

How to Install a Countertop – Home Improvement Kitchen Projects

Home improvements can sometimes get costly, and many people prefer to do much of the work themselves. There are many home improvement projects that can easily be done without the use of a professional. Countertop self-installation is easier than ever with preformed countertops. There are a few tips on installing countertops that can help any home improvement kitchen project to be a success.

Before beginning any installation, make sure the area is safe from mishaps by disconnecting the plumbing and shutting off any electrical appliances inside cabinets or under counters. Be sure to remove the sink and all drawers to protect them during the installation. If there is already an existing countertop, it will need to be removed. Take out the screws fastening it to the cabinets and use a utility knife to cut out the caulk that is holding it to the wall.

Proper measuring is the most important step in any home improvement project. The wrong measurements can cause extra work, wasted materials, and an overall headache. When measuring the area to be covered by the countertop surface, do not forget to include the overhang of the counter and the area to be cut out for the sink. Preformed countertops come in standard sizes so, most likely, a larger one will need to be purchased and cut down to the size of the surface area. Measure the area to be cut out on the preformed countertop surface.

Before cutting the preformed countertop, place masking tape along the cut lines to help prevent chipping. Use a handsaw to make cuts along the masking tape. Be sure to take extra care when cutting around the sink area. One of the most common mistakes in installing countertops is improper cutting or measurement of the sink area. This can cause you to have to start the project all over again. Sandpaper can be used to smooth out the edges after the cuts have been made.

Carpenter’s glue should be applied along the tops of the cabinets to hold the countertop firm to the surface area. Immediately apply the preformed countertop to the cabinets. Use drywall screws to attach the countertop to the cabinets for extra support. After the glue has dried, the sink can be reinstalled and the brand new countertop is ready to enjoy.

A new countertop is a great home improvement kitchen project to help improve the appearance of any kitchen. Installing a preformed countertop without a professional is easy and cost effective. Following a few simple tips for measuring, cutting, and applying preformed countertops can help any countertop installation go smoothly.

Home Improvement – Hire a Professional the First Time and Get the Job Done Right

With this soft real estate market in the Orlando area, home improvement has become the latest fashion trend among homeowners. A couple of years ago it was moving into a bigger and better house every few years. However, when real estate prices dropped, homeowners found themselves staying put instead of moving on. That is why there is a movement in central Florida to improve houses instead of selling them. This will add value to your property while you wait for the real estate market to recover. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of thinking you can do all your home improvement projects yourself.

Most people can do minor repairs around the house. However, if you want to do a major improvement, you should bring in a professional. Some people consider painting the house a minor project when it comes to home improvement. However, if you do all the necessary steps to prepare the surface properly, then paint and clean up, it becomes a major project that can take a week or longer. Most people do not want to dedicate every weekend they have for the next month or two, in order to get the interior or the exterior of their house looking like a professional did the job. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a professional the first time.

What is involved in getting a proper paint job? Getting a proper paint job involves preparing the surface properly. Unless you have hours to dedicate to cleaning, sanding, scraping, patching, priming, and other preparation tasks, getting a painting professional to do it will save you a great deal of time and frustration. If you think that you can put a coat of paint on the surface without preparing it, you will be surprised when the paint begins to blister or peel within a few weeks. That is when you will consider hiring in a professional to do the job right. No matter what home improvement projects you want to tackle, make sure you hire a professional first.

Despite what you might hear, home improvement is not so easy for everyone to do. Most of the time, they do not have the proper equipment or the expertise to get a job done correctly. After trying it themselves, they spend more money hiring a professional to correct their mistakes. Unless you have several years of experience as a painting professional, leave the painting of your house to those that know how to do it right the first time. In the end, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results.

In-Depth Automotive Review – 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 – Stunning & Affordable Luxury

It has been a long time running and it was bound to surface sooner or later, the 2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan is the earth child of a constantly improving automotive manufacturer. There have been great praises and spy photos for the car that will give some of the most elite luxury sedans a run for the money, and consumers will soon see why. Just recently arriving at local dealers, consumers can expect wide array of features and creature comforts that come all too familiar with similar offerings from Europe’s and Japan’s elite, only your dollar goes a lot further. Think of it as a dollar menu item, what you see is what you get, and it fulfills every hunger or thirst expectation in the features to dollar ratio. Let us take a close look at the Hyundai Genesis and respect what we expect from the car that will win over prospective buyers.

At first glance, the 2009 Genesis is unmistakably an amalgamation of parts from some of the comparable models today. The front-end design is truly Mercedes S-class, the rear half is somewhat familiar in Acura RL. And of course the side profile can be a Lexus LS, if it wanted to be of course. But whatever Hyundai chose to build its first super high end auto, they surely did a fantastic job integrating a look that will make the Genesis a suitable flagship for the underdog Hyundai Corporation. In-spite of record gas prices this summer, consumers can’t get enough of the luxury mid-size sedans and coupes. But by looking at this sweet looking model, it is huge, about the size of that S-class or LS. As a result, the Genesis will appeal to those larger families and carpool fanatics that are looking for an inexpensive but awe-inspiring piece of automotive machinery.

What the Genesis lacks in light weightness (and we’re talking 4000+ lbs. here folks), the car more than makes up in superb powertrain ingenuity. Aside from the smaller V6 option, spend a couple thousand more and opt for the incredible 375 hp 4.6L eight that everyone is talking about. From push of the throttle, the car is instantaneously responsive and fluid in transmission response as it climbs the gearing. A sensible choice for the powerful engine, is the ZF 6-speed automatic with Shift Tronic control to help hold the gearing over longer, broader ranges, it doesn’t disappoint. And as expensive as gas is, the Genesis’ 20 gallon tank is consumption frugal in it’s V8 economy with 17city/25hwy, just as good as some V6 choices in other midsizers. With a large, heavy body, the suspension is taut and smooth over the California freeways with it’s 5-link and gas charged shocks, there’s nothing more relaxing for the bumps. The car does float a little at higher speeds and there is some body roll evident in the corners but the car isn’t built for tracking the curves anyways. Additionally, the steering feedback is splendid with cleanly engineered power rack and pinion internals. And finally, the 18″ wheels are glam-ready for the cruises and are performance oriented with it’s grippy tire package. The Genesis hits the mark yet again for pleasing driving dynamics; it is a little something for everyone.

In-Depth Automotive Review – 2008 Cadillac CTS, Test Drive and Virtual Walk Around

It’s not easy to form biased opinions about the cars we drive and dream about. Being an Automotive Consultant, sometimes your emotions get in the way of the truth. Seeing the all new 2008 Cadillac CTS literally brought a tear to my eye. It’s one of the most superfluous automobiles to come from old town Detroit in some time. I lived with parents who use to talk about the classic automobiles, Mustangs, old Plymouths, full sized Blazers, you name it. It was Americana, and it was great memories.

What the newly formed CTS had to offer was plentiful, what it was lacking was me behind the wheel full time. The car was balanced, super fluid powertrain and drivetrain. I didn’t drive that many other European stalwarts, but this was classy and unique. Unique as in I’ve never seen something that deviated from the cheese ball form, it was a look all its own. It was stealth fighter Cadillac!!

The car was quiet, clean fit and finish, superb ergonomics. The seats were comfortable and the dash panels were soft to the touch. Finally, Cadillac has put the money where it’s mouth is, and won! I drove a model without the Direct Injection and the Smart Navigation system. Although I’ve have seen the nav at work on a demo model, I must say it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Do you remember the globe in Geography class, its that detailed. You could almost think you can touch the screen and feel the mountains and rivers on the graphics, job well done.

My favorite feature has to be the taillights, simply a work of art. Cadillac engineered the lights with led bullets and led light tubes, it was an awesome display of lighting. The seams were tight, and the wheel arches flared out on the front and back, it looked Italian in design. The White Diamond metallic paint was gorgeous as well.

Overall, I was impressed with the complete package. But I can’t do a review without spotting a couple of ehhh, why did they do that, negatives. One complaint I had was with the rear seats, I’m six foot tall and I just didn’t feel that comfortable with my knees digging into the rear of the front seats. Cadillac should have also made the remote start feature standard on all the models, not just for the Luxury Collection package. Price was competitive with this test model’s price ringing at just 35,890, fully loaded DI models with nav and AWD can hit the mid forty’s. That’s in line with the rest, base model just slightly cheaper than others.

So in closing, this car was definitely a breath of fresh luxury air. Not only do I give the highest recommendation for the new 2008 Cadillac CTS, but no longer will the consumer have to settle for those rascally Americans. A truly inspiring story about the comeback kid, and a new love affair for a car that we can implant as a happy thought in our future memories.

Automotive Technology – Active and Passive Safety Systems

A driver is desperately trying to make a business appointment and fiddles with the phone to call ahead that she is running late. Another flips through a portfolio of CDs trying to find just the right music selection. Both overestimate their abilities and swerve momentarily into the next lane.

In today’s busy world, people often find themselves multi-tasking; and unfortunately, drivers are taking this trend to the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), not only do the majority of Americans view driving as a routine task (i.e., not worthy of special attention), 50% of all crashes involve driver “inattention.” agrees. It says 90% of vehicles in “fatal, single-vehicle rollovers involved routine driving maneuvers” and 85% of “rollover-related fatalities are single-vehicle crashes.” Based on these statistics, driver behavior seems to play a crucial role in fatal rollover crashes.

At the same time that drivers are being implored to practice safe and attentive driving, automotive engineers are also eager to create new technologies to help increase roadway safety. Isn’t there some fancy device that could warn a driver when he drifts into the next lane? React when another vehicle is in his blind spot? Apply the brakes before a crash?

Pre-crash mitigation systems attempt to combat some of the common causes of automobile accidents through warnings and automatic adjustments. Such systems are the focus of research initiatives into roadway safety and include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and side alert systems.

In a forward collision warning system, the vehicle’s system literally senses the distance between it and the vehicle or object ahead of it in the lane. Predicting the possibility of an accident by sensing the distance between slower moving and stopped vehicles ahead, it warns the driver when appropriate. If a crash occurs, the system initializes precautionary measures – such as pretensioning motorized safety belts and applying brakes. Indeed, active braking in the seconds before a collision can play a major role in crash energy reduction.

According to NHTSA, some 200,000 accidents every year are due to lane changes. To help reduce the number of these accidents, lane departure warning systems have been designed. They caution drivers when their vehicles leave their intended lanes. Using a monocular camera mounted behind the windshield, the lane departure warning system’s software programs estimate lane width and road curvature, determine the vehicle’s heading and lateral position and initialize a tactile, visual or audible alert to its driver when he or she crosses a line.

It’s not difficult to guess, then, what side alert systems do. Using infrared sensing and other technologies, such systems help drivers become aware of vehicles in side blind spots. In some models, these sensors are integrated into mirrors, taillights and side fascia. The side blind spot region is scanned for temperature changes to detect a vehicle, a visual indication can be given in mirrors, and, when necessary, an audible alert can be issued. The technology is so advanced, sensors ignore stationary roadside objects and are immune to noise.

Alternative Fuel Cars – The Future of Automotive Technology

The future of technology in terms of fuel consumption in the average automobile is slowly changing to allow for the development of more fuel economic, energy efficient, and even alternatively fueled vehicles alternatively fueled vehicles. While it may be a long time before alternative fuel cars are used as a commonplace means of transportation around the world, the technologies that may be used in place of the standard combustion engine are already reaching a form by which the average person may expect to see some of these technologies in their vehicles on the road very soon.

One of the technologies generating the most buzz in the automotive world is the possibility of using water as a way of powering a vehicle, and with good reason. Salt water, which is the type of water that has been used in numerous experiments about the viability of burning water as a fuel, is the most abundant natural resource available to us here on Earth, as we are almost seventy percent water on this planet. The experiments that have been conducted on the water have been somewhat successful on a smaller scale, but larger scale use in vehicles may be something that could be a long time down the road.

In the short term, the most viable automotive technology for alternative fuels may be electricity. Many automotive developers have been generating a lot of different methods of using electricity in a vehicle as an alternative to the use of fossil fuels to power transportation. While an electric car would be a great technology to have in a vehicle, the reality is that most of the electricity generated worldwide is done so thanks to the use of other non-renewable resources, like coal or natural gas. If an alternative means of generating electricity is also put into effect by generating companies, the viability of the electric vehicle would greatly increase.

Whether using water or electricity as the means of fueling the vehicle, the technology of an alternative fuel as a means of driving a vehicle can only be as effective if there is a commitment to mass producing the technology on a consumer level. If these vehicles are made with a price that can appeal to the average consumer, and at a level of technology that the average consumer can maintain, or at least understand, on their own, only then can the mass acceptance and use of these alternative fuels in vehicles be realized.