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Shipment of The Military Vehicles – Discounts and Requirements That Work for You

Shipping the automobiles of the members of the military or the veterans is carried out by many automobile shipment services around the globe. Almost all military personnel relocate from one location to another because of many reasons and the shipment of their automobiles will also be mandatory, along with their belongings. This is when the reputed shipment service will be of great help. 

Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the reputed automobile shipment services in the US. They are best known for offering a helping hand for the military personnel with the easy relocation of their vehicles along with offering car shipping military discount. You can visit their webpage to hire them for the required service. 

Shipment of the Military Vehicles 

Shipping of the automobiles of the military is not like shipping regular cars or other such automobiles. It requires a special kind of container and also a special set of equipment and tools. Largest fleets are also the added requirement in this case, and hence find the shipping service that can prove that they are the military automobile shipping services. 

The transportation of military automobiles is handled differently in every shipment service. The shipping services will take into consideration the possible distance between the source and the destination, along with the time duration that is required to cover this distance. 

You will get a quote from the shipment service after they calculate the possible charges that will be included in the overall transportation of your vehicle.

Before looking for an automobile shipment service, you are required to prepare some of the required documents that are listed below.  

  • The vehicle should be in the name of the military personnel looking for the shipment of the automobile. The documentation can be either in the form of ownership of the automobile or the lease. 
  • Apart from the motorcycles and mopeds, the vehicles that are prepared for the shipment should have more than 4 wheels. 
  • The automobile should be legal to move on the public highways and also should be self-propelled. 
  • If the shipping vehicle is on a lease, then the possible owner should have a consent form duly filled by the respective transportation service stating that they have NO Objection whatsoever in the vehicle shipment. 

Discounts in the Military Shipment Service 

Most of the shipment services offer special discounts for the shipments of vehicles that are owned by military personnel. No matter what the pickup or delivery location is, the shipping service will make sure that the military vehicle will reach the destination just the way it left the source, along with no possibilities of extra charges. 

Forms to be filled before transportation 

Here are some of the forms that should be filled before transportation. 

  • POV Van Shipping 
  • POV Auto Shipping 
  • POV Motorcycle Shipping 

Remember to keep the military ID of the concerned person before you book for the military automobile shipment. The pickup service will also require address proof stating that you are indeed a resident in the US. 

Follow these tips and ship the automobile of the military personnel in a hassle-free way.