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What Are The Problems Caused By Inappropriate Shoes?

As we have seen, several characteristics of your feet and shoes like Danner shoes must be considered when choosing comfortable shoes. It is essential to keep this in mind, as choosing an inappropriate model can bring losses.

Here are some problems that inappropriate shoes can cause for your feet!


Inappropriate shoes can cause different foot pain as they strain the joints and, in many cases, do not adapt to being stepped on. However, pain can manifest itself in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the spine — as there is a need for the body to compensate for balance.


When the shoe doesn’t fit your feet, it strains his anatomy. So, over time, the feet will be forced to take on a new shape to fit the shoe — which can cause them to become deformed. The bunion is one of the problems which may occur.

Corns And Blisters

Poorly chosen shoes also “stick” in various areas of the feet. Excessive contact creates friction and injures the skin, causing blisters. Calluses can also form, making the skin thicker and more painful.

Arthrosis And Arthritis

These problems tend to manifest themselves when the person is older due to the natural wear of the joints. However, wearing tight shoes puts strain on the joints of the feet, creating ideal conditions for accelerating arthrosis and arthritis.

Frequent Bruises

Ideally, the shoe fits your step to give stability to your steps. When poorly chosen, the risk of bruises is greater because his feet don’t stay very firmly on the ground, and his steps become more unsteady.

Plantar Fasciitis

Wearing the wrong shoes can also cause plantar fasciitis. This condition is a severe inflammation that affects the tissues that connect the toes and the heel.

Nail Problems

If you don’t know how to choose comfortable shoes, you will also have problems with your nails. After all, tight shoes strain the fingertips, causing the nails to darken — which can even fall off due to excessive friction. Therefore, avoid buying shoes that are not ideal for you and that do not meet your needs. Remember that these problems are also reflected in your posture and can cause pain in other parts of the body and even injury.

Throughout this text, we talk about the main consequences of not choosing a suitable and comfortable shoe, such as pain, nail problems, and even the appearance of fasciitis, a very painful inflammation of the foot. In addition, you followed some essential tips to look for to make the best purchase.

Now you know how to choose comfortable shoes! So, your chances of getting the purchase right are greater. Choose specialized stores like Doctor Shoes to enjoy quality and style: this way, you will have a well-made and technological product, which combines elegance and comfort. Your feet will appreciate this care!