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How to Install a Countertop – Home Improvement Kitchen Projects

Home improvements can sometimes get costly, and many people prefer to do much of the work themselves. There are many home improvement projects that can easily be done without the use of a professional. Countertop self-installation is easier than ever with preformed countertops. There are a few tips on installing countertops that can help any home improvement kitchen project to be a success.

Before beginning any installation, make sure the area is safe from mishaps by disconnecting the plumbing and shutting off any electrical appliances inside cabinets or under counters. Be sure to remove the sink and all drawers to protect them during the installation. If there is already an existing countertop, it will need to be removed. Take out the screws fastening it to the cabinets and use a utility knife to cut out the caulk that is holding it to the wall.

Proper measuring is the most important step in any home improvement project. The wrong measurements can cause extra work, wasted materials, and an overall headache. When measuring the area to be covered by the countertop surface, do not forget to include the overhang of the counter and the area to be cut out for the sink. Preformed countertops come in standard sizes so, most likely, a larger one will need to be purchased and cut down to the size of the surface area. Measure the area to be cut out on the preformed countertop surface.

Before cutting the preformed countertop, place masking tape along the cut lines to help prevent chipping. Use a handsaw to make cuts along the masking tape. Be sure to take extra care when cutting around the sink area. One of the most common mistakes in installing countertops is improper cutting or measurement of the sink area. This can cause you to have to start the project all over again. Sandpaper can be used to smooth out the edges after the cuts have been made.

Carpenter’s glue should be applied along the tops of the cabinets to hold the countertop firm to the surface area. Immediately apply the preformed countertop to the cabinets. Use drywall screws to attach the countertop to the cabinets for extra support. After the glue has dried, the sink can be reinstalled and the brand new countertop is ready to enjoy.

A new countertop is a great home improvement kitchen project to help improve the appearance of any kitchen. Installing a preformed countertop without a professional is easy and cost effective. Following a few simple tips for measuring, cutting, and applying preformed countertops can help any countertop installation go smoothly.