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Is CBD infused food good for you? Everything you need to know

Lately, CBD is popping up in all kinds of products. From skincare and beauty products to snacks, beverages, and many other foods. If you are new to CBD or are a bonafide user of CBD products and are wondering whether or not to try CBD Infused Foods. Here is everything you need to know.

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. It is majorly famous for its therapeutic and healing properties. And unlike THC, another famous chemical compound in cannabis, CBD is incapable of causing a “high”. This makes it even more appealing to so many users. 

CBD Infused Foods can be anything from ice cream, pizza, a burger, sandwich, home-cooked meals, to mention but a few. 

How are CBD Infused Foods made?

Most CBD Infused Foods are made using CBD oil. The CBD oil is added in the preparation process as one of the ingredients in the food. It is important to note that CBD is very sensitive to heat. Apply moderate heat to it and you will achieve the desired result. Apply too much heat and you will destroy the potential effectiveness of the product because the heat would have degraded active compounds leaving very little for the body to absorb. Additionally, CBD has a foul scent. Something that would be undesirable to most people. However, combined with other ingredients, the scent can be masked.

Are CBD infused foods legal?

At Federal level, no. But there are states which allow CBD foods to be sold within their respective jurisdiction. Better check the marijuana laws in your state.

The laws regulating CBD infused foods are quite confusing. Federally, CBD infused foods are illegal because the FDA (federal and drug administration) prohibits adding any drugs, even approved drugs to animal or human foods. CBD is majorly used for medical purposes, so it is defined as a drug. However, many companies in the food and beverage industry are pushing out CBD infused beverage and food products. And hardly any has come into the crosshairs of the law for selling CBD infused foods. 

The government is yet to make clear cut laws regulating the production of CBD infused foods on a large scale. But since there are so many out there. It is currently up to the users to establish what products they may want to try. So before indulging in any CBD infused food product. It is important to educate yourself on everything CBD such that you can make informed decisions about whether or not any of these foods is good for you.