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Strategies to try at the office to play rummy and earn money

Rummy is a game adored by most youngsters and the grown-ups. It can turn out to be a weakness for a lot of individuals who are passionate about card games. However, this compulsion of playing Indian Rummy can affect your mind when you are in serious working locations and cannot play. This includes youroffice or any other working environment. There is no person on earth who lacks the desire for money. Money is one of the basic needs of an individual to survive on the planet. Therefore no one can stop their minds from thinking about the entertainment and thrill that the game provides along with the monetary aspect. Here are a few tips which might allow you to play even when you are not allowed to.

Strategies to try at the office to play Rummy and earn money

  • Keep multiple tabs open at a time

The manager of the office comes around to check on everyone’s progress. You can click another tab right at the moment you catch a glimpse of your manager coming towards your cubicle. It shows that you have been working for the whole time.

  • Choose the correct angle before you sit

It is very important to sit in the proper angle so that even if your colleagues come to give you a surprise visit from the back, you don’t get caught and feel embarrassed. When you sit facing the outside, then you get to make out when someone comes towards you. You can immediately stop and return back to your work to avoid awkwardness.

  • Look around before you start to play

Your boss or your senior might be around due to some work. It is safe to look around and be aware of your surroundings before starting to play. This way you can give excuses to your colleagues and get over it, but you cannot do the same thing with your boss.

  • Excuse yourself for a restroom break

There can be no safer place than the restroom of your office. You can play there like nobody is watching.  While everybody is busy completing their work, meeting the deadlines and making an impression in front of your boss, you can rejoice at your victory in the game. Do not forget to lock yourself inside the restroom to save yourself from the humiliation of getting caught.


Every individual has their own guilty pleasure and is indeed very proud to have them. Nevertheless, it is not easy to play the skill-based game keeping all these things in mind. The game already yearns for a lot of attention and dedication. Added to this, you need to keep a track of the outside world around you. Hence, what is important is to learn and train your mind well to play the game efficiently even during times of unfavorable circumstances.  This will not only protect you from getting captured but also to play rummy and earn real moneyto relish later on in life.