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The Most Common House Flies you Find Around and How to Keep Them Away

Flies can be found almost anywhere in the world and there are more than 120,000 different varieties of flies that you find globally. About 18,000 of the varieties can be found throughout North America. 

These flies may have shorter lifespans. However, they can quickly reproduce in very large numbers and are quite capable of spreading various kinds of dangerous diseases that include salmonella, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Therefore, you need to use certain fly screens on your doors and windows so that these insects cannot make any entry to your home. Premier Screens Ltd. is a well-known supplier of such screens and you can find many different types of screens with them.

The housefly is one of the most frequent flies found in your home. However, there are many other varieties of flies infest homes. These flies can be found in homes and other places when there are favourable conditions. For your convenience, we have listed here the few common flies:

  • Cluster flies

Comparatively, these cluster flies are a little bigger than common houseflies. They can be dark gray coloured and their thorax will be covered with golden coloured hair. Generally, the infestation of such flies occurs during autumn as they start flying in search of a certain protective place.

  • Blowflies

Blowflies generally develop inside any rotten meat. They are usually large and shiny blue flies. Also, they can be black or metallic gray too. If you ever find any such flies at home, you must understand that a certain carcass is somewhere in your attic or walls.

  • Drain fly

These flies are quite similar to smaller houseflies. They have a characteristic moth-like appearance. They can lay eggs in certain organic sludge that is normally built within pipes, sink drains, and unused garbage. Drain flies are difficult to remove as their breeding sites are difficult to reach.

  • Fruit fly

Fruit flies can be yellowish-white in colour having red coloured eyes. They generally feed on sugary and sweet items. However, they can breed in such places where there will be any source of moisture like in drain lines. Also, they can develop within cleaned garbage containers.

  • Lesser housefly

They are almost 2/3rd the size of any common housefly. They can be quite similar to common houseflies, but a little smaller. They also create similar problems that any common houseflies usually create.

  • Horsefly

Horsefly has received their name because they can be notorious pests of horses. Usually, they are found in both rural and suburban areas near water bodies, which usually serve as breeding sites, where any mammal hosts are also most abundant.

The easiest way to keep flies out of your house is to keep it clean, which includes taking out the garbage every day, keeping all counter surfaces clean, making sure all windows and also screens are screened properly, and also discarding any decaying food. If you have pets, keep track of waste by emptying all litter boxes and collecting dog faeces around the yard.