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Due to the specific structure, curly hair is drier than other types, it absorbs moisture worse and tends to break and get frizzy. Therefore, this type of hair care is foremost a thorough and sufficient hydration.

For hair with severe damage, conditioners, balms and masks, used in moderation, are much more useful than shampoos. There is a large group of people for whom “washing” without shampoos may be sufficient, but not everyone can use this method. Insufficient washing of the scalp leads to the sebum accumulation, and this is a favourite breeding ground for fungi, therefore itching can aggravate, dandruff can occur, dermatitis and bacterial infections, especially staphylococcal ones, can worsen. If you still really want to try co-washing, you need to apply lotions and tonics that contain cleansing and anti-seborrheic components (preferably with a little alcohol or even alcohol-free ones) – rubbing them on scalp is able to well replace washing with shampoo in Midtown Barbershop.

Modern shampoos, even sulphate ones, contain, along with surfactants, also a large number of emollients and moisturizers. It is better to choose those that contain keratin, collagen, ceramides, and phospholipids – high-quality sulphate shampoos do not pose any threat to damaged hair and can even strengthen it. Curly hair needs to be washed as it gets dirty, and it is better to comb it after the conditioner to reduce the risk of tangled locks (before that it would be nice to apply a keratin-based moisturizing spray).

Leave-in conditioners are used to moisturize, smooth out curls and shape them. Leave-in conditioners, unlike creams, oils and gels, do not weigh down the hair and can be an alternative to styling products: they can be applied to dry and wet hair.

In addition to daily moisturizing, an additional weekly recharge is needed. For this, the so-called deep conditioner, which is able to penetrate the very base of the hair shaft, has been developed. After using this product, the hair becomes unusually soft and clean.

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