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How to detect negative energy in the house?

A home is where our heart resides, and the abode brings us immense joy. If you get dreadful vibes at home, it is essential to eject the pessimistic energy once and for all. The energy that always surrounds us has a significant impact on our soul and body. Powers can either draw one into the bottom of darkness or transform one’s dull life into a joyful experience. There are numerous ways to remove negative energy, but before ejecting, one should detect the existence of such negative energy.

Symptoms of negative energy:

Energy is everywhere, and one has to be more cautious of the energy that surrounds him. Adverse energy affects not only the home but also one’s mind. The red flags that warn you to remove negative energies are:

  • Perpetual Headaches
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach ache
  • Exhaustion
  • Breathing complications
  • Brain mist

Physical symptoms are undesirable and one should not take it lightly. These symptoms make one feel trapped.

How to unleash the negative energy?

One of the best ways to get rid of negative energy is through being cautious and by taking a profound breadth. Alertness is a dynamic tool that helps in unleashing clogged power. Sharpness helps bring us our mind to the current moment. When you are aware of today, you begin to trigger the clogs in the mind and body. Chakra meditation can help you in de-cluttering the negative vibes. It offers a fusion of alertness and energy manipulation to clear energy clogs.

Tips to get rid of negative vibes in your aura;

  • Blot some curative herbs
  • Take a shower with bright salt
  • Surround yourself with affirmative people
  • Meditate
  • Take a park bath

How to detect negative energies in the house?

The most challenging task is to recognize the exact location of the negative energies. If you are restless, feeling dull or confused means, there is a direct impact of negative energy on you. Unhealthy power resides in various places. Numerous methods can help in removing the negative energies but they aren’t that easy, and some cleansing rituals can show its presence at different locations.

  • All you need is a thermometer and a lemon to detect the negative energy around you. Lemons can quickly learn about the existence of negative energy. One can keep a lemon in a room and then see its effects. If it develops black dots or starts turning green, it means the place surrounds negative energy, and if the lemon remains yellow means the room encompasses positive energy. A single lemon can tell you if you can relax or you need to stress.

  • A pure, clear glass can also detect negative energy. It would help if you had a clean, transparent glass without any markings or fingerprints. Then fill 1/3rd of the glass with sea salt, 2/3rd with white vinegar, and rest with water. You can keep this glass where you sense there is negative energy. Ensure the glass is hidden, and you do this in the daytime. Leave the glass as it is for a day. Then on the next day, you can witness some change in texture. If the water is crystal clear, then there is nothing to panic about, but if you see the water green or pale, then you can repeat the steps in other parts of your home. If you don’t find any positive changes, you can take the help of Vastu Shastra experts.

You can get rid of negative energy by removing clutter by burning some incense, cleanse antiques, repair broken things, and shielding space with crystals. It is crucial to get rid of negative energy.


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