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In-Depth Automotive Review – 2008 Cadillac CTS, Test Drive and Virtual Walk Around

It’s not easy to form biased opinions about the Hyundai Contract Hire we drive and dream about. Being an Automotive Consultant, sometimes your emotions get in the way of the truth. Seeing the all new 2008 Cadillac CTS literally brought a tear to my eye. It’s one of the most superfluous automobiles to come from old town Detroit in some time. I lived with parents who use to talk about the classic automobiles, Mustangs, old Plymouths, full sized Blazers, you name it. It was Americana, and it was great memories.

What the newly formed CTS had to offer was plentiful, what it was lacking was me behind the wheel full time. The car was balanced, super fluid powertrain and drivetrain. I didn’t drive that many other European stalwarts, but this was classy and unique. Unique as in I’ve never seen something that deviated from the cheese ball form, it was a look all its own. It was stealth fighter Cadillac!!

The Used Cars was quiet, clean fit and finish, superb ergonomics. The seats were comfortable and the dash panels were soft to the touch. Finally, Cadillac has put the money where it’s mouth is, and won! I drove a model without the Direct Injection and the Smart Navigation system. Although I’ve have seen the nav at work on a demo model, I must say it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Do you remember the globe in Geography class, its that detailed. You could almost think you can touch the screen and feel the mountains and rivers on the graphics, job well done.

My favorite feature has to be the taillights, simply a work of art. Cadillac engineered the lights with led bullets and led light tubes, it was an awesome display of lighting. The seams were tight, and the wheel arches flared out on the front and back, it looked Italian in design. The White Diamond metallic paint was gorgeous as well.

Overall, I was impressed with the complete package. But I can’t do a review without spotting a couple of ehhh, why did they do that, negatives. One complaint I had was with the rear seats, I’m six foot tall and I just didn’t feel that comfortable with my knees digging into the rear of the front seats. Cadillac should have also made the remote start feature standard on all the models, not just for the Luxury Collection package. Price was competitive with this test model’s price ringing at just 35,890, fully loaded DI models with nav and AWD can hit the mid forty’s. That’s in line with the rest, base model just slightly cheaper than others.

So in closing, this car was definitely a breath of fresh luxury air. Not only do I give the highest recommendation for the new 2008 Cadillac CTS, but no longer will the consumer have to settle for those rascally Americans. A truly inspiring story about the comeback kid, and a new love affair for a car that we can implant as a happy thought in our future memories.