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In-Depth Automotive Review – 2009 Hyundai Genesis 4.6 – Stunning & Affordable Luxury

It has been a long time running and it was bound to surface sooner or later, the 2009 Hyundai Contract Hire is the earth child of a constantly improving automotive manufacturer. There have been great praises and spy photos for the car that will give some of the most elite luxury sedans a run for the money, and consumers will soon see why. Just recently arriving at local dealers, consumers can expect wide array of features and creature comforts that come all too familiar with similar offerings from Europe’s and Japan’s elite, only your dollar goes a lot further. Think of it as a dollar menu item, what you see is what you get, and it fulfills every hunger or thirst expectation in the features to dollar ratio. Let us take a close look at the Hyundai Genesis and respect what we expect from the car that will win over prospective buyers.

At first glance, the 2009 Genesis is unmistakably an amalgamation of parts from some of the comparable models today. The front-end design is truly Mercedes S-class, the rear half is somewhat familiar in Acura RL. And of course the side profile can be a Lexus LS, if it wanted to be of course. But whatever Hyundai chose to build its first super high end auto, they surely did a fantastic job integrating a look that will make the Genesis a suitable flagship for the underdog Hyundai Corporation. In-spite of record gas prices this summer, consumers can’t get enough of the luxury mid-size sedans and coupes. But by looking at this sweet looking model, it is huge, about the size of that S-class or LS. As a result, the Genesis will appeal to those larger families and carpool fanatics that are looking for an inexpensive but awe-inspiring piece of automotive machinery.

What the Genesis lacks in light weightness (and we’re talking 4000+ lbs. here folks), the Used Cars more than makes up in superb powertrain ingenuity. Aside from the smaller V6 option, spend a couple thousand more and opt for the incredible 375 hp 4.6L eight that everyone is talking about. From push of the throttle, the car is instantaneously responsive and fluid in transmission response as it climbs the gearing. A sensible choice for the powerful engine, is the ZF 6-speed automatic with Shift Tronic control to help hold the gearing over longer, broader ranges, it doesn’t disappoint. And as expensive as gas is, the Genesis’ 20 gallon tank is consumption frugal in it’s V8 economy with 17city/25hwy, just as good as some V6 choices in other midsizers. With a large, heavy body, the suspension is taut and smooth over the California freeways with it’s 5-link and gas charged shocks, there’s nothing more relaxing for the bumps. The car does float a little at higher speeds and there is some body roll evident in the corners but the car isn’t built for tracking the curves anyways. Additionally, the steering feedback is splendid with cleanly engineered power rack and pinion internals. And finally, the 18″ wheels are glam-ready for the cruises and are performance oriented with it’s grippy tire package. The Genesis hits the mark yet again for pleasing driving dynamics; it is a little something for everyone.


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